'Put a bag down, bro' – How Ottawa Senator Mark Borowiecki …


An NHL defenceman who became an doubtful favourite after violation adult an attempted burglary on Sunday is describing how a occurrence went down.

Mark Borowiecki, an swap captain with a Ottawa Senators, aptly nicknamed Borocop, was in Vancouver for his team’s matchup with a Vancouver Canucks Tuesday night.

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'Put a bag down, bro': How Ottawa Senator Mark Borowiecki …

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He pronounced a occurrence made adult when he was in Gastown selling for baby garments after lunch. According to Vancouver police, it unfolded around 1:30 p.m., nearby Granville and West Cordova streets.

‘Borocop’: Ottawa Senators defenceman Mark Borowiecki foils Vancouver burglary in progress

'Put a bag down, bro': How Ottawa Senator Mark Borowiecki …

“I saw this questionable male kind of shuffling around, and he had a bike with him,” Borowiecki said.

“I hear this outrageous bang, and we only hear this blue Chevy Impala, a newcomer side window only shatters.”

Borowiecki pronounced he saw a male combat a vast hiking trek out of a car, and yelled during him to stop.

“I was like, ‘Put a bag down bro,’ and he was yelling and irreverence during me and revelation me to go divided and stuff,” Borowiecki said, adding that he crossed a travel towards a man, regularly revelation him to stop.

Former Toronto Raptors star attacked in Vancouver

Former Toronto Raptors star attacked in Vancouver

“At this indicate we started using towards him given we knew he was going to take a bag.”

Borowiecki pronounced a male afterwards climbed onto his bike and attempted to get away.

“He took like 3 tough pedals towards me. we don’t know if he suspicion he was going to impel me or suspicion we was going to burst out of a way,” he said.

“I had my baby things in my right hand, so with my left arm we only arrange of like, reflex, like, ‘I’ll transparent a air.’”

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The six-foot-two, 203-pound, 30-year-old NHLer pronounced as a male approached, he suspicion delicately about what would occur next.

“My initial suspicion was if we positively destroy this male and he gets hurt, what are a authorised ramifications for me, given we could have finished some damage,” he said.

Gastown steam time earnings after repair

Gastown steam time earnings after repair

“So we was like, I’ll try and do this as kindly as we can, so we kind of bending my left arm underneath his arm and pulled him off a bike to a ground.

“If he pulled something pointy we was going to dump my baby reserve and moment him one.”

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The think fled, yet Borowiecki hold onto a bag — which, it turns out, had passports inside.

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He pronounced he called military and waited with a vehicle, that also had snowboarding rigging in it, until they arrived.

Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer commended Borowiecki for his actions, yet cautioned he didn’t wish to see a open put themselves during risk by following a defenceman’s lead.

“But we know he was a fit immature male and took this male into custody, so we conclude what he did, yet for other adults we always have to be discreet when you’re doing that. Better to be a declare and call us,” pronounced Palmer.

“His crime fighting — if it doesn’t work out in a hockey field, we’re always recruiting.”

On Tuesday, he was unrelenting that he hadn’t finished anything “above and beyond,” and that inserted was only a “right thing to do.”

Borowiecki pronounced he’s given oral to a owners of a bag, who was repelled to learn he was an Ottawa Senator.

“She was like, ‘Oh, I’m indeed a outrageous Leafs fan,” he said.

“I was like, we can pardon a integrate of Leafs fans.”

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