Queensland records three new coronavirus circumstances, as police set to …


Three women who sparked a coronavirus scare when they flew from Melbourne to Brisbane “went to extraordinary lengths to be deceitful and deceptive and, quite frankly, criminal,” Queensland police say.

All three women are in quarantine — two have tested positive to the virus.

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Queensland records three new coronavirus cases, as police set to …

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Authorities said three other people in Queensland have tested positive in the past 24 hours, but they are not connected to the travellers.

Two of them dined at a Sydney restaurant at the centre of a coronavirus cluster and have opted to self-isolate after returning to Queensland.

Queensland records three new coronavirus cases, as police set to …

The other is a returned traveller in hotel quarantine.

Coronavirus concerns have also impacted State Parliament, which was visited by groups of students from a school linked to one of the latest cases.

The ABC has confirmed police are investigating two of the women who returned from Victoria, Olivia Winnie Muranga and Diana Lasu, for providing incorrect information on a Queensland border declaration pass.

The ABC has been told Ms Lasu’s family have been taken from their Acacia Ridge home and are now in hotel quarantine.

Selfies of Diana and Olivia.
Diana Lasu (L) and Olivia Winnie Muranga (R) are under police investigation after testing positive to coronavirus following their return from Melbourne.(Facebook)

Detectives from State Crime Command visited her Logan home as part of the investigation.

At this stage, the third woman who travelled in the group has not tested positive to COVID-19, but is in isolation.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll alleged the trio had deceived authorities in order to cross the border.

“I am very disappointed with them at this stage, they went to extraordinary lengths to be deceitful and deceptive and, quite frankly, criminal in their behaviour and it has put the community at risk,” she said.

Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said police would allege the women “deliberately falsified records to get back into Queensland”.

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He said the women allegedly went to Victoria, went to a party with between 20 and 30 others, and then returned to Queensland.

“Our focus now is working with those young women to identify everywhere that they have been since they have come back into Queensland,” he said.

“One has been cooperative and the other has not.

“We will continue to use the powers we have at our disposal, including considering further offences by anyone that doesn’t cooperate.”

Queensland's chief health officer Jeannette Young speaks to media.
Queensland’s chief health officer Jeannette Young urged people in southern Brisbane and Logan to get tested if they are showing symptoms.(ABC News: Allyson Horn)

Police said 95,000 people have come through Queensland’s air borders since restrictions were relaxed on July 10.

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said it was reassuring that no further positive tests connected to the three women had been returned at this stage.

“It’s too early to say we’ll walk away scot-free, we need to have a lot more testing over the next 48 hours before we can say we’ve got it in hand,” Dr Young said.

Parliament and CBD building undergoes deep clean

There are now 11 active cases of coronavirus in Queensland, five of whom are in hospital after the three new cases were detected overnight.

One of the cases was that of a worker at the YMCA Chatswood Hills Outside School Hours Care at Springwood, south of Brisbane.

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Qld health authorities say the Sydney hotspot declaration is justified

Queensland’s Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Curtis Pitt said Parliament House had undergone a deep clean after three tours of 30 students from the Chatswood Hills State School visited the building on Wednesday.

“There is a chance, however remote, that students from that school have come into contact with the worker from the YMCA Chatswood Hills Outside School Hours Care,” he said.

“Any staff that have had direct contact with this school tour have been instructed to take leave, not to attend the precinct and get tested for COVID-19.”

A 26-storey building on the corner of Creek and Queen streets in Brisbane’s CBD is also undergoing a deep clean amid concerns a person with COVID-19 visited one of its offices two weeks ago.

Tax consultant Jamie Towers, who works in the building, said owners LaSalle Investment Management told tenants late on Wednesday there was a possible link to the building and that all precautions should be taken.

Miles praises self-isolation call

Mr Miles thanked the couple who had self-isolated upon their return from Sydney because they had dined at a confirmed cluster hotpot.

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“They had chosen to self-isolate and I thank them for that decision, it has kept Queenslanders safe,” Mr Miles said.

Across the state 6,826 people were tested yesterday, with 979 tests carried out in Brisbane’s southside alone.

“That really is the best we could have hoped for in the first 24 hours of our rapid response to those new cases, and we would certainly hope to see another 24 hours like that — a lot of tests,” Mr Miles said.

At this stage 94 aged care centres in Brisbane’s southside are lockdown as a precautionary response.

Dr Young said the next week would be critical in Queensland.

“If you’re unwell, isolate yourself and be tested,” Dr Young said.

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