RECAP picks made on FARMER needs A spouse

Farmer Alex asks Henrietta, Brittany, Jessica, and Sarah to join him on FARMER WANTS A WIFE (image – Seven)

Sparks flew as farmers Harry, Alex, Sam, Neil and Nick nervously speed dated the eight ladies they invited to meet.

By the end of the day, each farmer invited four of those ladies back to their beloved farms to see if chemistry could lead to a future together. And in a surprise twist, one lady was invited to head to the farm with her farmer 24 hours before the other ladies arrived!

Stacey, 28, VIC; Ashleigh, 31, WA; Madison, 24, QLD; Karlana, 24, VIC

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RECAP | First choices made on FARMER WANTS A WIFE


Farmer Harry on Stacey: “Stacey has the same values as me, you can see she’s ready to get in there and have a crack.”

Henrietta, 31, QLD; Brittany, 24, NSW; Jessica, 25, VIC; Sarah, 23, NSW

RECAP | First choices made on FARMER WANTS A WIFE

Farmer Alex on Henrietta: “From moment she walked, I felt an emotional and physical connection, butterflies in my stomach”

Emily, 24, VIC; Riley, 23, NSW; Kirsten, 28, NSW; Sophie, 28, ACT

Farmer Sam on Emily: “I had so much in common with her. When she had to go, I was so disappointed. I want to know more about her, I want to get to know her.”

Megan, 40, SA; Chantelle, 31, NSW; Justine, 36, QLD; Karissa, 34, NSW

Farmer Neil on Karissa: “I don’t have much to say about this one, I just felt it straight away.”

Naomi, 38, NSW; Liz, 34, QLD; Emma, 33, QLD; Marnie, 48, QLD

Farmer Nick on Emma: “She got to me through crazy, psychic methods. She’s been stuck in my mind since we started talking.

In a new twist, the farmers each invited one lady to head to the farm 24 hours before everyone else arrived:

Farmer Sam – Sophie
Farmer Neil – Chantelle
Farmer Harry – Madison
Farmer Nick – Liz
Farmer Alex – Jessica

Monday night, 7.30: Farmers Alex, Harry, Neil, Nick and Sam return to their farms, each bringing one lady they’ve invited to spend the first 24-hour date with.

Doing their best to impress their dates, the farmers set about wooing their women with romantic dinners with surprising revelations. By the following day, the rest of the farmers’ ladies arrive, and each farmer is faced with a tough dilemma.

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