Robert Pattinson fits up as Batman – See the primary pictures


Director Matt Reeves gave eager moviegoers a snappy, early take a look at what former “Twilight” celebrity Robert Pattinson seems as if as Batman.

The sneak peek got right here by way of a brief video posted to Reeves’s social media.

About Robert
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Robert Pattinson matches up as Batman: See the principle footage

About Pattinson
Pattinson is a surname, and may searching for recommendation from

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Robert Pattinson, British actor
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The dimly lit images shows components of Pattinson’s Batman seem in addition to a brief shot of his masked face.

The video is about to a ranking thru Michael Giacchino and was once shot by way of cinematographer Greig Fraser, Reeves stated.

Robert Pattinson suits up as Batman: See the primary photos

When Giacchino demonstrated for fanatics that it was once once, indisputably, his rating in the video, Reeves introduced, “Wait till they hear all of it…!”

“The Batman” is prepared for unlock in 2021. (Warner Bros. photos, the studio in the back of the movie, is, like CNN, owned by way of WarnerMedia.)

Pattinson takes over the function of Batman from Ben Affleck, who first played the masked hero in 2016’s “Batman v Superman: break of day of Justice.”