Rolling Loud removes five Rappers From the big apple Fest After NYPD Request


This weekend’s Rolling Loud hip-hop festival in the big apple removed five rappers from its lineup following a request from the new York Police department warning of the “public security considerations” the rappers pose.

In an October ninth letter from the NYPD to Rolling Loud that was tweeted by Karen Civil, the police requested that Rolling Loud: new york drop Casanova, Pop Smoke, Sheff G, Don Q and 22GZ from its lineup.

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Rolling Loud removes 5 Rappers From the big apple Fest After NYPD Request

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“The above listed performers were associated with up to date acts of violence citywide,” NYPD Assistant Chief Martin Morales wrote to Rolling Loud organizers. “The New York city Police division believes if these people are allowed to operate, there will likely be a higher possibility of violence.”

On Saturday morning, when Rolling Loud launched their set schedule, Pop Smoke and Sheff G were now not listed; the 2 were originally scheduled to appear Saturday, while 22GZ, Don Q and Casanova had been set for Sunday’s itinerary.

Rolling Loud gets rid of five Rappers From the big apple Fest After NYPD Request

whereas Rolling Loud didn’t touch upon the removals on social media, festival co-founder Tariq Cherif on Twitter (), “i can’t speak on this so much but i need everyone to know that we’re still paying all of those artists full booking fees AND sending them deals for future Rolling Loud’s in other cities.”

Casanova, real identify Caswell Senior, wrote on Instagram after his efficiency was once canceled, “I simply WANNA reside. My last prison conviction used to be 2007. I misplaced the whole thing I ever loved and that i’m still losing. a lot so that “they” gained’t allow me to perform at Rolling Loud NYC on Sunday. It’s unfair and unlucky that my past, which I’ve dealt with legally and in my opinion, continues to stigmatize me and my profession as a recording artist. I’m at struggle with my previous and the scars that they nonetheless depart on me everyday.”

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