Ronaldinho's 'been web hosting events with models in Paraguay in …


Ronaldinho ‘has been hosting parties with models in Paraguay in an alleged breach of the terms of his house arrest’ after paying £1.2m bail fee for attempting to enter country with false documents

  • Ronaldinho has been on house arrest in a Paraguay hotel since April
  • The Brazil legend was charged for attempting to enter with false documents 
  • He has allegedly broke his house arrest terms by hosting late-night parties
  • A Paraguayan paper claimed he has been partying with models in his room


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Ronaldinho's 'been hosting parties with models in Paraguay in …

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Brazilian legend Ronaldinho has allegedly broke the terms of his house arrest by hosting late-night parties with models at the luxurious hotel in Paraguay where he is staying.

The former Barcelona star has endured a nightmare five months in Paraguay after being arrested for attempting to enter the country with fake documents back in March.

Ronaldinho's 'been hosting parties with models in Paraguay in …

Ronaldinho was imprisoned for a month before paying £1.2million bail. He has been on house arrest at the four-star Hotel Palmaroga since getting out but now could find himself in more hot water.

Ronaldinho has allegedly broke his house arrest terms by hosting parties with models

Ronaldinho has spent the last four months under house arrest at Hotel Palmaroga in Paraguay

According to Paraguayan paper HOY, as reported by Marca, Ronaldinho has been holding parties in his room with groups of women being seen going in and out of his apartment.

The report states that guests are given gifts and classy beverages at the party. 

The newspaper has also quoted a source as saying: ‘I think they are models because they have all the looks.

‘Those who are known enter directly into the car park, whereas those who are unknown get out in front of the hotel and then a car picks them up.’

He was arrested and jailed in March for allegedly trying to enter Paraguay on a fake passport

Ronaldinho and his brother allegedly attempted to get into Paraguay using this documentation

It was reported last week that the 40-year-old was set to finally bring his five-month Paraguay prison hell to an end and return to his native Brazil.

Ronaldinho, who was well renowned for letting his hair down during his illustrious football career – and even once insisted on a clause being inserted into his Flamengo contract so he could go to a nightclub twice a week – is expected to be allowed to return to his homeland after paying a fee amounting to £70,000 in order to avoid further trial, according to the Sun.

His brother, Roberto de Assis Moreira, is also expected to be allowed to leave Paraguay on the same plane if a judge accepts a new prosecution proposal.

The Brazil legend was well known for having a party-boy lifestyle throughout his whole career

Ronaldinho enjoyed an illustrious football career and is best remembered for time at Barcelona

This proposal is reportedly based around a two-year suspended jail sentence and a £85,000 fine.

The cash offer allegedly put to Ronaldinho is being described locally as ‘reparation of the social damage’ their behaviour caused,

According to South American reports, both men would have to plead guilty to a charge of entering the country with falsified passports as part of a so-called deal called a ‘salida process’ in Paraguay.

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