Sharks vs Eels – John Morris slams referees following atypical loss to …


Cronulla Sharks express John Morris has slammed the referees in Sunday afternoon’s atypical conflict with the Parramatta Eels, labelling one of the calls as complicated and unpleasant.

Parramatta toppled the hosts at Kogarah Oval 14-12 in insane conditions, with heavy rain inflicting flooring water to quilt the entire floor.

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Sharks vs Eels: John Morris slams referees following extraordinary loss to …

About Morris
Morris could discuss with:

Morris praised each facet for stepping out in such stipulations, and mentioned he admired his side’s effort regardless of the loss.

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Sharks vs Eels: John Morris slams referees following strange loss to …

“I surely take my hat off to the boys from each aspect in those necessities,” he mentioned.

“they had been atrocious, our boys had been shivering up a storm at half time. one of the simplest ways the sport panned out for us we’re naturally very disillusioned.

“i really like the boys’ effort for going to be had in the market and leaping into Parra.

“You check out the game – we scored more tries and bought beat.”

however Morris’ appraisal stopped with the avid gamers, with the Cronulla teach launching into the referees and some dear calls.

Late in the game, Blake Ferguson looked as if it would have knocked the ball on coming out of his personal finish on the other hand the referees waved play on, leading to an Eels line smash.

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They then went up the opposite end and acquired here up with an error, just for the Eels to win the scrum in opposition to the feed.

Morris was not up to impressed with the alternatives within the passage of play, pronouncing that even 7-year earlier children would have identified higher. 

“That passage of play very best as much because the scrum used to be slightly atypical. Blake Ferguson knocked that ball on coming out of his finish…that’s a knock on,” he talked about.

“That resulted in our boys stopping on Dylan Brown, he makes a smash and any other 50/50 penalty in opposition to us and that resulted within the Lane error after which the scrum. It used to be a sexy ordinary passage of play.

“it could possibly’t have long gone once more. Ferguson is working onto the ball, undertaking out for the ball and touches the ball. It’s a knock on. underneath 7s watching that activity of football keep in mind that’s a knock on.

“We go down there for that scrum – I’m now not fairly positive if it was once a scrum or what it was once once. It regarded lovely disagreeable to me – I’ve considered quite a lot of these pushed again all through the three hundred and sixty five days. What are the foundations round scrums at the moment?

‘whilst you’re allowed to push like that – excellent play Parramatta. I’m certain Brad Arthur is worked up, that was a tremendous play within the game – but then totally different circumstances we push in scrums and we’ve to re-% them.

“I’m a little bit bit puzzled.”

The loss way Cronulla are in eighth spot on the NRL ladder, two components far from the harm-riddled Sea Eagles.