Shaw launches new wi-fi cellular carrier in Alberta and B.C.


Albertans and their neighbours in B.C. will be seeing a new mobile service available at their fingertips.

On Thursday, Shaw Communications announced the launch of Shaw Mobile, a new wireless service that will combine elements of its wireless and residential fibre networks as well as its WiFi hotspots.

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Shaw launches new wireless mobile service in Alberta and B.C.

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“Shaw Mobile customers will get the most cost-effective wireless experience in Canada by taking full advantage of our Fast LTE and our WiFi service, powered by Shaw Fibre+,” Shaw’s executive chair and CEO Brad Shaw said.

“We are pleased to deliver what Canadians have wanted from their wireless carriers for years — innovation and technology that helps them save money without sacrificing connectivity.”

Shaw launches new wireless mobile service in Alberta and B.C.

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Officials said Shaw Mobile was created to feed the need of Canadians and the increasing trend of using wifi rather than cellular data on their smartphones.

It will offer three levels of service plan, currently at an introductory price discount, all with access to more than 450,000 Shaw Go WiFi hotspots.

“By leveraging WiFi powered by Shaw’s Fibre+ network rather than LTE data, many Shaw Mobile customers can realistically eliminate much of their monthly wireless data expense,” Shaw said.

“It’s 2020 and Canadians expect to be connected all the time wherever they are. With Shaw Mobile, that doesn’t have to mean large wireless data charges.”

The timing is also vital for residents, as Canadians face economic hardships in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Officials said this new service hopes to offer financial stress relief for customers during these challenging times.

“Through the course of the last number of months during the pandemic, particularly in western Canada, there are hundreds of thousands of people that are unemployed,” president of Shaw Communications Paul McAleese said. “And anything we can do to help relieve that stress, we hope will be well received.

“We think we can really help Canadian consumers, so we’re enormously proud of the timing of this.”

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Canada’s minister of innovation, science and industry, Navdeep Bains, said telecom services like Shaw are vital during these times as more and more Canadians begin to rely on an internet connection for their work, home and schooling.

“Now more than ever, Canadians rely on these services for work, school, finances and health care,” Bains said.

“That’s why the Government has introduced a number of important measures to make wireless services more affordable, and we’re continuing to build on the progress we’ve made to promote competition and further reduce prices.”

Tanya Fir, Alberta’s minister of economic development, trade and tourism, added that advancements in telecommunication services will help the province in several ways.

“Expanding our wireless infrastructure will enable economic development, spur job creation, and help get Albertans back to work,” Fir said. “Part of our economic recovery plan includes developing plans to support the fastest,
most secure use of technology and data by Albertans and today’s announcement is a great step in that direction.”

Shaw BlueSky TV offers first voice-controlled video box in Canada

Shaw BlueSky TV offers first voice-controlled video box in Canada

Twleve new Shaw Mobile retail stores will be opening across Alberta and B.C. in the coming weeks. There are currently already 120 Shaw locations across the two provinces.

The wireless plan will be available to Shaw internet customers only and officials said there’s no plan in the works yet to expand the service outside of Alberta and B.C.

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