Shock! Netflix's 'The Kissing booth three' has already been filmed and …


just right news for teen romcom fanatics: there’s lots extra kissing to come.

the cast individuals of “The Kissing sales space 2” – which is at the moment the No. 1 Netflix movie within the U.S. – announced Sunday all the way through a fan experience that there will likely be a third installment and it can be already been filmed. “The Kissing booth three” is slated for 2021.

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shock! Netflix's 'The Kissing booth 3' has already been filmed and …

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“The Kissing sales space 2” viewers probably predicted another movie, for the reason that sequel that premiered on Friday ends on a cliffhanger (spoiler beforehand): Protagonist Elle (Joey King) learns that she’s been customary to each Berkeley (the college her highest buddy, Lee, wants to go to) and Harvard (the college her lengthy-distance boyfriend, Noah, at present attends). The movie ends earlier than she makes a decision on school.

In Kissing Booth 2, Elle (Joey King) meets new classmate Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez) while her boyfriend is at college. King, Zakhar Perez and the rest of the main cast are returning in 2021 for Kissing Booth 3.

King, additionally an executive producer on “Kissing booth 2” “three,” shared a video saying the 0.33 film on her Instagram. It shows Lee (Joel Courtney) sharing the news of some other “Kissing booth” film via textual content message. 

surprise! Netflix's 'The Kissing booth 3' has already been filmed and …

Her caption for the announcement: “I couldn’t be happier!!!! must Elle go to Berkeley or Harvard????????”

The clip presentations the entire lead characters returning, together with hot new man (and possible love interest for Elle) Marco, performed by Taylor Zakhar Perez. although he was a reasonably unknown actor sooner than the sequel premiered, Zakhar Perez’s Instagram has already ballooned to nearly 2 million followers.

“The Kissing booth” social debts shared a clip from the drawing close movie, which features Elle and Lee with their vital others, Noah (Jacob Elordi) and Rachel (Meganne young), all hanging out poolside. Elle ignores an incoming name from the “Harvard Admissions place of work” and decides to go off with Noah, who’s going to “read me poetry,” as she calls it.

“‘Noah reading poetry’ is the brand new Netflix and sit back,” joked Beth Reekles, the author of the “Kissing booth” books, in an Instagram comment.

the first Netflix movie used to be impressed via Reekles’ story of the same name, which she at the start wrote as a teen on the social storytelling website Wattpad. The second film differs considerably from the creator’s “The Kissing sales space 2,” which features a dorky persona named Levi as an alternative of the more suave Marco. Reekles also has “Kissing sales space” books called “The beach house” and “highway commute!”

in line with Netflix, “The Kissing booth three” shall be set the summer season sooner than Elle heads to college and can even be in line with “Kissing sales space” books. Vince Marcello returns as author/director/producer.

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