Simon Cowell Speaks Out As He Recuperates From surgery After …


2ND replace SUNDAY 6:30 PM: Simon Cowell was in just right spirits on Sunday night in his first public feedback after the surgical operation to restore his broken back following an electric bike accident. In a message posted on Twitter and Instagram collection of tweets, he shared “some just right advice” on safely using an electric bicycle and thanked the medical workforce keen on his care.

replace SUNDAY AM: Simon Cowell is convalescing after undergoing again surgery following an electric bike accident.

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Simon Cowell Speaks Out As He Recuperates From surgical operation After …

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“He broke his again in a number of locations,” a spokesperson for Cowell mentioned in a commentary to time limit. “They operated overnight, the surgical treatment went smartly, and he’s in the health center improving.”

according to sources quoted by using , the surgical operation lasted 5 hours, and the the usa’s bought ability choose “has had to have numerous fusions and metal rod put into his back.”

Simon Cowell Speaks Out As He Recuperates From surgical procedure After …

Simon Cowell To Skip ‘the united states’s received ability’ live presentations while recuperating From back surgical operation

Following the damage, Cowell will skip the first two reside AGT presentations this coming week, on Tuesday, Aug. 11 and Wednesday, Aug. 12.

previous SATURDAY 8:50 PM: Simon Cowell landed in the hospital Saturday after an accident with his electric bicycle left him with a back harm.

Reps for the the united states’s got ability decide first that the accident came about Saturday afternoon as Cowell used to be testing the automobile at his Malibu home with domestic. The tv personality is doing nice, reps informed deadline

“Simon had a fall from his bike on Saturday afternoon even as testing his new electrical bike within the courtyard at his home in Malibu together with his family,” a spokesperson for the AGT and The X-factor creator stated. “He damage his back and was once taken to the sanatorium. He’s doing positive, he’s under commentary and is in the perfect imaginable fingers.”

The spokesperson introduced that “Simon has broken his again and can bear surgical operation this night.”

time limit has reached out to NBC and Fremantle for comment how the surgical treatment would affect Cowell’s duties on america’s received ability, which is at the moment in production. the first live show is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 11.

In July it used to be introduced that Cowell will take full keep watch over of AGT and The X factor producer Syco entertainment. The takeover comes after he agreed to buy out Sony song leisure’s stake in the three way partnership.


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