Steven Fletcher – Neil Lennon confirms Celtic have held talks with …


Steven Fletcher scored thirteen targets for Sheffield Wednesday closing season

Steven Fletcher has been supplied a one-year contract thru Celtic, with supervisor Neil Lennon confirming that the membership have held talks in conjunction with his agent.

The 33-12 months-outdated Scotland striker rejected a model new care for Sheffield Wednesday, however has been supplied longer-time period contracts by the use of two of their English Championship rivals.

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Steven Fletcher: Neil Lennon confirms Celtic have held talks with …

About Fletcher:

No settlement has been reached between the 33-time capped forward and Celtic.

“We’re in talks; nothing is based,” Lennon knowledgeable Sky sports actions information.

Steven Fletcher: Neil Lennon confirms Celtic have held talks with …

“now we’ve been linked with a few [strikers] so it is certainly a regional we want to add in. we’re spinning quite a lot of plates and if we will be able to get a high quality one in it’s going to lend a hand us.

“it’s going to be actually superb to add each other one, just for squad depth and competition.”

Celtic’s supply comes with the selection of an extra yr.

Fletcher, who started his career with Hibernian prior to strikes to Burnley and Wolverhampton Wanderers, spent 4 years with Wednesday after leaving Sunderland.

He scored 13 objectives in 30 appearances final season as Wednesday accomplished in 16th position.

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