Strictly's Kelvin Fletcher leaves enthusiasts swooning over Kelvin Fletcher's see-via shirt


Kelvin Fletcher left fans sweating over his see-through shirt tonight on Strictly Come Dancing .

The hunky Emmerdale star has already left fans swooning with his sexy dances, most memorably his saucy Samba with partner Oti Mabuse.

About Strictly's

Strictly's Kelvin Fletcher leaves fans swooning over Kelvin Fletcher's see-through shirt

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However jaws dropped after seeing him in his outfit tonight.

One tweeted: “Waited all week for a see-through shirt! Faint #Strictly.”

Strictly's Kelvin Fletcher leaves fans swooning over Kelvin Fletcher's see-through shirt

While another commented: “KELVIN IS WEARING A SEE-THROUGH SHIRT!!! #Strictly.”

Kelvin distracted viewers with his top tonight
Fans were wowed by Kelvin – before he even started dancing
(Image: BBC)

A third remarked: “See-through shirt alert! And Kelvin wears it a little better than Mike… #Strictly.”

Strictly returned tonight with a bang as Chris wowed the judges with his Cha Cha Cha.

The thirteen remaining couples had a lot to live up to following their performances for last week’s movie night theme.

Football pundit Alex Scott and professional dancer Neil Jones will Tango to Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac.

The duo wowed viewers wit their Strictly routine last week
(Image: PA)

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Corrie star Catherine Tyldesley and Johannes Radebe will Charleston to Single Ladies by Beyonce .

EastEnders’ Emma Barton and Anton du Beke are set to Vienesse Waltz to Send in the Clowns by Barbara Streisand.

Viscountess Emma Weymouth and partner Aljaz Skorjanec will Jive to Kids in America by Kim Wilde.

TV personality Michelle Visage will Salsa to Quimbara by Johnny Pacheco and Celia Cruz with her dance partner Giovanni Pernice Salsa.

And lastly, YouTube star Saffron Barker and AJ Pritchard will perform Contemporary to Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion.

*Strictly returns tomorrow on BBC One

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