Submit Malone launching beer pong league, says he once noticed ufo in …


Syracuse native Post Malone continues to expand his reach beyond music — and maybe the planet.

The “Beerbongs Bentleys” rapper is launching a professional beer pong league called World Pong League, according to TMZ. Documents obtained by XXL Magazine on Monday show he filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 14 for organized beer pong tournaments, events and exhibitions, as well as websites providing information and news on the new “sport.”

About Malone
Malone is a family name. From the Irish “Mael Eòin”, the name means a servant or a disciple of Saint John.

Post Malone launching beer pong league, says he once saw UFO in …

About launching
Ceremonial ship launching is the process of transferring a vessel to the water. It is a naval tradition in many cultures, dating back thousands of years. It has been observed as a public celebration and a solemn blessing.
Ship launching imposes stresses on the ship not met during normal operation, in addition to the size and weight of the vessel, and it represents a considerable engineering challenge as well as a public spectacle. The process also involves many traditions intended to invite good luck, such as christening by breaking a sacrificial bottle of champagne over the bow as the ship is named aloud and launched.

And just like the NBA, MLB, NFL and other sports leagues, the filing includes plans to use the World Pong League brand on merchandise including clothing, beverage glassware, plastic cups, game tables, cup racks, balls and carrying cases.

Posty also made headlines Wednesday when he appeared in a nearly four-hour interview with Joe Rogan on his podcast. The “Joe Rogan Experience” host said they had consumed psychedelic mushrooms before the discussion, which quickly turned to UFOs and aliens.

Post Malone launching beer pong league, says he once saw UFO in …

Malone, 25, said he first saw a UFO while staying with family as a teenager.

“I’ve seen one. I was probably 16. I was in Upstate New York,” he said. “Let me precursor this: My aunt and uncle were very strict, and we had to go to bed at very strict deadline, probably 10 p.m. I was looking out the window with my cousin and it’s just a light that just stays there and then just f—in’ goes off… You can’t explain it.”

He also said he’s seen UFOs in Utah, where he now lives.

Complex reports the pair also discussed ghosts, weather control conspiracy theories, and the coronavirus. Malone said he believes everyone should wear face masks to protect against Covid-19 but disagrees with mandates requiring them.

“It’s like me in school having to tuck in my shirt or else you get detention. It’s weird to be forced to wear something,” he said. “At the end of the day, it all comes down to respect for other people. It’s not a government thing. You shouldn’t be forced to wear a mask — but you should. And that’s because I respect you as a fellow human.”

Malone, who was born Austin Post in Syracuse and lived in Central New York until he was 10 years old, is known for hit songs like “Circles,” “Sunflower,” “Rockstar,” “Better Now” and “White Iverson.” He’s also now an actor, appearing opposite Mark Wahlberg in the Netflix film “Spenser Confidential”; has his own line of Crocs; and launched his own rosé wine this summer.

Earlier this year, fans expressed concerns about Malone’s health and potential alcohol or substance abuse when he appeared to slur his words and stumble on stage during a performance of “I Fall Apart.”

“I’m not on drugs and I feel the best I’ve ever f—ing felt in my life,” he told the crowd at a Memphis concert in early March, before concerts were shut down due to the coronavirus. “And that’s why I can bust my ass for these shows, and f—ing fall on the floor, and do all that fun s–t.”

Note: Video contains explicit language not suitable for younger audiences. The UFO discussion begins around the 20-minute mark.

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