System 1 beliefs – Six teams conflict 2021 F1 manners notion


Some teams are unfortunate about restrictions on designs of F1 cars

The infancy of teams conflict a new technical regulations for 2021 being due by Formula 1, BBC Sport can reveal.

Six of a 10 teams indicated in a petition organized by Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull that they do not determine with a skeleton as they stand.

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Formula 1 rules: Six teams conflict 2021 F1 regulations proposal

About rules:

Only Alfa Romeo, McLaren, Renault and Williams elite a due new manners to a existent ones.

And dual of those 4 have subsequently due changes to a 2021 rules.

Formula 1 rules: Six teams conflict 2021 F1 regulations proposal

The parties will accommodate on 16 Oct to plead a emanate further.

There is a deadline of 31 Oct for a 2021 technical manners to be motionless and so distant there has been no denote from a FIA, motorsport’s universe ruling body, or F1 that they will behind down.

If a concede can't be reached, Ferrari have a right to halt a 2021 manners package, though it is accepted a Italian organisation would cite for matters not to get to that stage.

What stirred a questionnaire?

Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull sent a petition around following a assembly during a Singapore Grand Prix final month during that a teams were shown a latest breeze of a 2021 rules.

According to comparison figures, this introduced some-more serious restrictions on pattern leisure and led to a series of teams expressing concerns.

At a meeting, FIA trainer Jean Todt pronounced he did not wish to levy a set of manners though agreement. The Frenchman asked for teams to prove their positions on a several issues and suggestions for alternatives if there were any.

The petition asked about 10 questions, including either teams elite to press forward with a due 2021 manners or hang with a existent regulations. In a box of a new rules, it also asked either there should be some-more pattern freedom, and what teams felt about standardisation of parts.

Only Alfa Romeo, McLaren and Renault immediately indicated they would select a stream 2021 proposal, while Williams did so a series of days later.

The teams’ responses were communicated to a FIA World Council, a sport’s legislative body, by Ferrari organisation principal Mattia Binotto on 4 October.

Since then, there has been a assembly of a technical operative organisation of a FIA and teams’ heading engineers, during that Alfa Romeo and McLaren were among those to introduce changes to a 2021 manners as they stand.

Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix is live on BBC Radio 5 Live and a BBC Sport website during 06:10 BST

What are a due 2021 rules?

F1, underneath a care of former Mercedes organisation trainer Ross Brawn, has been operative for some-more than dual years on a new set of technical regulations, with a aim of shutting adult a margin and formulating improved racing by creation it easier to overtake.

A bill tip has already been agreed, and has a support of a tip teams, though discussions over a designed changes to a cars are ongoing.

F1 wants to change a proceed cars furnish aerodynamic downforce to make it easier for drivers to follow any other and therefore overtake, with a offer being for a larger suit of a altogether downforce of a automobile to be constructed by a underfloor instead of a front wing and several shapers around a tip bodywork.

The thought is for a grade to that opening is influenced by violent atmosphere from a automobile in front to be severely reduced.

F1 also wants to extent a pattern leisure accessible to teams in sequence to make it harder for those with some-more resources to emanate cars with such an advantage over a others.

It is hoped this would finish a two-tier inlet of F1, that has a closely packaged midfield good over a second a path slower than a tip 3 teams – Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

What are a objections to a new rules?

The tip teams have concerns about a existent manners for a series of reasons:

  • The probability of unintended consequences, as good as a risk of introducing so many poignant order changes in one go while relocating divided from regulations that have been grown organically over many years. F1 is introducing an wholly new automobile design, a series of customary parts, and changing tyre distance from 13-inch wheels to 18-inch wheels and most lower-profile tyres, that have a poignant outcome on a pattern of cessation and aerodynamics.
  • Changing a manners could lead to a margin being widespread out serve rather than sealed up, generally as a tip teams will be means to persevere their most larger resources to a 2021 manners package subsequent year before a bill cap comes into force.
  • They disagree that a technical manners are not a categorical means of problems when cars competition closely together, and explain a frail inlet of Pirelli’s tyres – that overheat simply when drivers pull tough or follow another automobile – is a distant bigger issue.
  • They trust a due 2021 manners are too limiting and will lead to a cars all looking a same – even some-more than is a box during a moment.
  • They are opposite to proposals for customary parts, that they trust not usually go opposite a truth of F1 though will also not revoke costs and lead to heavier and lower-quality cars.

Some of a smaller teams – as good as some within F1 – trust Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull are perplexing to strengthen their rival advantage by gripping a manners a same. The tip teams repudiate this is their motivation.

The 6 teams who directly objected to a stream 2021 offer are a tip teams and what some courtesy as their effective satellites – Toro Rosso are Red Bull’s youth team, while Haas and Racing Point buy vast numbers of tools from Ferrari and Mercedes respectively, and have a story of voting with their partners.

What happens next?

Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull presented their possess offer for 2021 to a FIA and F1 on Thursday. This was formed on a F1 proposal, holding what they cruise a some-more certain aspects and adding range for growth to safeguard a cars would not all demeanour a same.

Under a existent governance structure, a FIA and F1 can simply levy a manners on a teams.

Todt has always elite to run a competition with a accommodating and collegiate approach, in contrariety to a one mostly espoused by his predecessor, Max Mosley.

And perplexing to levy a manners runs a risk of Ferrari regulating their halt – that would effectively force a FIA to hang with a existent regulations.

But a risk for Ferrari is a bargain that if they practice a veto, they will remove that right underneath new governance structures that have to be concluded before 2021.