Tame Impala publicizes Its largest Australian Tour


One of Australia’s biggest musical acts, Tame Impala – known for their meditative, psychedelic and euphoric live sets – will tour Australia in April to promote their new album, The Slow Rush. They’ll be supported by three-piece genre-defying Texan outfit Khruangbin. They’ve also announced that they’ll be donating money from the tour to the bushfire relief efforts.

“I’ve been hanging out to tour Australia for a long time now, so I’m super excited to finally be able to announce,” said frontman and songwriter Kevin Parker in a statement. “In the past few weeks I’ve been devastated to see what’s been happening with the fires at home, and we want to do our bit to help, so we’re going to be donating $300,000 to bushfire relief charities.”

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Tame Impala Announces Its Biggest Australian Tour

About Announces

The Slow Rush, featuring the new single Lost in Yesterday, will be released on February 14. The band’s last Australian tour, in 2015, came on the back of their number one ARIA-charting album Current, and saw them play venues across the country, including the Sydney Opera House’s forecourt. Their track The Less I Know The Better clocked up more than 450 million streams. They’ve also headlined festivals such as Coachella, Glastonbury, Primavera Sound and Splendour in the Grass.

Khruangbin aren’t hugely well-known yet, but their 2019 tour around Australia was well-received. They’ll play songs from their 2019 album Hasta El Cielo, along with Texas Sun, a recent collaboration with fellow Texan Leon Bridges.

Tame Impala Announces Its Biggest Australian Tour

Tour dates:

Brisbane Entertainment Centre, April 18

Qudos Bank Arena, April 20

Rod Laver Arena, April 23

Adelaide Entertainment Centre Arena, April 25

RAC Arena, April 28

Tame Impala fan club pre-sale tickets, Chug members pre-sale tickets, Laneway pre-sale tickets and Frontier pre-sale tickets all go on sale for 24 hours (or until exhausted) at 12pm on Thursday, January 23. General public tickets go on sale at 10am on Tuesday, January 28.

ticketek.com.au, tameimpala.com

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