Tampa Bay Lightning provide to-go meals at Amalie enviornment throughout staff's …


Tampa Bay Lightning offer to-go food at Amalie Arena during team’s 2020 NHL playoff games<!–

Lightning offering to-go food to fans during their playoff games


NHL quarterfinals mega preview (4:37)

ESPN’s Emily Kaplan and Greg Wyshynski on the NHL quarterfinals’ biggest upset potential and X-factors. Video by Greg Wyshynski (4:37)

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The 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs are being played without fans in the building — well, the human kind of fans — so some NHL teams are getting creative in how to engage with their most devoted followers during the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Tampa Bay Lightning offer to-go food at Amalie Arena during team's …

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One such team is the Tampa Bay Lightning, who are now offering arena food favorites to go during the team’s games, available for pickup at Amalie Arena.

Here’s how it works: Fans place their orders online from three hours before puck drop through the end of the first period. Payment is credit card only, and orders are picked up curbside at the arena.

Tampa Bay Lightning offer to-go food at Amalie Arena during team's …

So, for those in the greater Tampa area who are fiending for some Bayshore Brioche sliders, a Havana Nights cuban sandwich, Cigar City Cuban-style loaded nachos or a pack of sugar cookies emblazoned with the Lightning logo, your favorite team has you covered.

The Lightning are skating against the Columbus Blue Jackets in this round of the playoffs, with games from Tuesday through Aug. 22, if necessary.

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