Tati Westbrook claims Jeffree star is a co-proprietor of Morphe …

  • The occasions of the 2019 YouTube magnificence YouTuber battle are being relitigated amid new controversy surrounding Shane Dawson and Jeffree star. 
  • Tati Westbrook revealed new details about her drama with James Charles in a video on Tuesday, claiming that Dawson and big name had stoked her battle with Charles because they were jealous of his YouTube success. 
  • Westbrook said that she believed megastar was a co-owner of Morphe Cosmetics, a typical thought on YouTube, which would play into her idea of why she claims big name and Dawson “manipulated” her to assault Charles. 
  • it’s uncertain what stake, if any, big name owns, however he has claimed to be an investor previously. In August 2019 makeup firm general Atlantic issued a press liberate announcing that a new partnership with Morphe would provide them majority keep watch over of the company.
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In an explosive new YouTube video released on Tuesday, magnificence YouTuber Tati Westbrook revisited her 2019 drama struggle with Jeffree megastar and James Charles, claiming that Shane Dawson and big name had “manipulated” her right into a public feud with Charles. in the video, she referenced a common YouTube conception that famous person is a co-owner of Morphe Cosmetics to give an explanation for why he can have wanted to stoke drama with him and allegedly attempt to damage his popularity. 

In her new video, Westbrook claimed that Dawson and superstar “gaslit” her into making the well-known 2019 video, “Bye Sister,” by which she spoke out against Charles, her then-former buddy, for participating with SugarBearHair, a competitor to her own vitamin line.

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Tati Westbrook claims Jeffree celebrity is a co-proprietor of Morphe …

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“i didn’t make my video because of nutrition,” Westbrook said in Tuesday’s video. “I made it on account of all of the poisonous lies that have been fed to me by way of Shane Dawson and Jeffree celebrity.” 


Tati Westbrook claims Jeffree big name is a co-proprietor of Morphe …

Westbrook claimed that Dawson and megastar had been intimidated with the aid of Charles’ rapid success on-line. “Neither of them were happy with standing in his shadow on YouTube anymore. I consider James Charles was once gaining more followers and receiving more views and more press sooner than anyone in the history on the platform,” Westbrook stated. All 4 of them have tens of millions of subscribers and are among the most renowned YouTubers on the planet.

within the video, Westbrook alleged that she was once “knowledgeable” that megastar is a co-owner of Morphe Cosmetics, the company that lately released Dawson and celebrity’s collaborative “Conspiracy Palette.”

Westbrook urged that as a result of star’s alleged involvement in the firm, he had an pastime in stoking drama along with his competitor Charles.

The rumor that superstar owns Morphe has circulated on-line because April, after a YouTube video titled “Jeffree celebrity owns Morphe!” gained traction, although the details of celebrity’s arrangement with Morphe, if any, stay uncertain. the speculation that famous person is a Morphe co-owner has been used to suggest that celebrity’s criticism of beauty products is biased.

In an April video, superstar claimed to be an investor within the company, the usage of the royal “we” to consult with future retailer openings in a video. Morphe additionally sells famous person’s cosmetics line, Jeffree star Cosmetics. 

regardless of his alleged funding, an August 2019 free up from non-public fairness agency normal Atlantic says they’re now majority shareholders of Morphe, though these invested on the time of the partnership “will continue ownership within the company.”

A consultant for Morphe didn’t return Insider’s request for comment at press time.

Westbrook stated that Dawson and star convinced her to battle with Charles with the aid of claiming he used to be a predator, however that now, she believes they did this as a result of they needed “James marginalized and out of the way in which for their November launch of the ‘Conspiracy Palette.'”

After Dawson faced criticism for wearing blackface makeup in movies prior to now, as smartly making a lot of questionable jokes about younger girls in his videos, YouTube demonetized his channels and Morphe took Dawson and big name’s palette from its web page. Westbrook said that the revelation of big name’s possible possession of the emblem opened a “Pandora’s box” associated the the drama. 

The page that previously advertised Shane Dawson and Jeffree celebrity’s “Conspiracy Palette” now yields an error message on Morphe’s web page.


Westbrook mentioned in her video that she did have “proof” to again up her claims, and that she cannot share it simply but for legal causes. “On the recommendation of my attorneys, I can’t share with all of you right now the evidence that we’ve got accrued of the situations which have befell,” Westbrook mentioned in her video. “alternatively, there’ll quickly come a day the place we will present this proof, and you will be able to look why it is that we consider Jeffree and Shane are answerable for so much fo the injury that has been brought about.” 

On Tuesday afternoon, Dawson livestreamed on Instagram with his speedy response, as he claimed that Westbrook was lying in her video. In a now-deleted tweet, Dawson wrote, “it is a F–KING LIE AND IM dropping MY mind.” 

A representative for star did not return Insider’s request for comment, and he has now not but publicly spoke back to Westbrook’s video.