Telstra's new director is a 32-year-outdated entrepreneur


“My continuing dedication and commitment to Expert360 is also recognised and supported by the Telstra board.”

Bridget Loudon, 32, has become the latest member of the Telstra board. Wolter Peeters

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Telstra's new director is a 32-year-old entrepreneur

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Mr Mullen said Ms Loudon would bring a unique perspective to the board of the $40.3 billion telco giant.

“Bridget understands and is a leader in how organisations transform themselves to capture the opportunities presented by developments in technology,” he said.

Telstra's new director is a 32-year-old entrepreneur

“Her passion for solving customer problems and entrepreneurial thinking is also evident and critical for Telstra in today’s environment.”

Before Ms Loudon, one of the youngest past directors at Telstra would have been businessman turned media personality Steve Vizard, who was later disqualified from being a company director by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission for breaching his directors duties while at Telstra. Mr Vizard was 40 when appointed to the board in 1996.

Ms Loudon joins the Telstra board as it plans for life without about $1 billion a year in payments from the NBN for switching off copper connections. These payments are due to stop by June 2024.

The telco is mounting a fight to take customers off the NBN with its fledgling 5G mobile network. Mr Mullen said earlier this year he believed up to 30 per cent of the market could ditch fixed-line internet connections.


Ms Loudon began her professional career at Bain Company in 2010, but she has always been an entrepreneur, having sold her first company at 21.

In February, the company closed a $12 million capital raising, with Ms Loudon flagging that the jobs platform was considering going public.

The raising included funding from venture capital funds AirTree Ventures and Rampersand, as well as investment management firm Perennial Value Management. A $5 million convertible note previously raised, with Sydney-based Hyper Capital, also converted into the round.

“There have been some standout successes and the ASX has increasing investor depth that will look at tech IPOs, but the IPO window is extremely fickle and investor appetite for new listings is heavily driven by macro factors and international peer sets,” Ms Loudon said at the time.

The only board member, independent or otherwise, younger than Ms Loudon is Afterpay co-founder and global chief revenue officer Nick Molnar, who is 30 and is an executive director.

Ms Loudon’s appointment to the Telstra board is effective on Friday and she will stand for election at the AGM later this year.

“Over the past year we have been recruiting some very talented professionals, adding to the wealth of experience we already have on the board,” Mr Mullen said.

“I am delighted to have Bridget join the board – her youth and entrepreneurial start-up experience, in particular, will provide a fresh and unique perspective to ensure we are considering a range of views as we navigate Telstra though the next period.”

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