'The a hundred' Season 7 Episode 10 – Clarke and Octavia's bittersweet …


Spoilers for ‘The 100’ Season 7 Episode 10 ‘A Little Sacrifice’

Fans of ‘The 100’ on The CW may sometimes find themselves going back to the first few seasons of the show just to see a relatively easier time — not that it was, but at least, they were mostly together and on one continent, let alone being on one planet. But here we are, with the seventh and final season more than halfway done — only some of our favorite characters have sort of reunited.

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'The 100' Season 7 Episode 10: Clarke and Octavia's bittersweet …

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Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) and Nathan Miller (Jarod Joseph) got to spend some alone time with Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos) — OG DelinquentKru, with Raven being an honorary member, naturally — where they finally hugged it out with Octavia. Remember, the last time Raven, Miller and Clarke spent significant time with Octavia, she was still very much into being Bloodreina.

No one has known that she has undergone a decade to grow older and wiser, but it doesn’t seem to matter. They must instinctively know that she is back to being the same old Octavia. Clarke and Octavia hug as both of them mourn the loss of Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley). Octavia then goes on to hug Miller— who was Bloodreina’s militant hand back at the bunker on Earth. Miller is reluctant at first, but he lets go of all the hatred and pain as well. What resulted was a moment that might make fans nostalgic.

'The 100' Season 7 Episode 10: Clarke and Octavia's bittersweet …

One fan tweeted, “Ok yeah my heart is bursting at the Clarke Octavia hug, but that Miller and Octavia hug? I’m thriving #The 100.” Another wrote, “clarke and octavia hugging stopp I missed them #the100.” A fan wrote, “Octavia and Clarke….. Am I crying tears of relief at that NEEDED hug between them, absolutely!!! #The100.” A fan noted, “The fact that Octavia said ‘me too’ to Clarke. Like she knew that Clarke would be suffering as well knowing Bellamy had died #The100.”





Of course, this is the first time in a long time that our favorite characters are actually working together again. If only Bellamy were here to see this. A fan tweeted, “#the100 The fact that Clarke, Octavia, and Raven are all working together is just-.”


With Octavia, Clarke, and Raven on one team now, they have a much better chance of succeeding. These are three powerful women who have overcome so many odds to be where they are today. Can you imagine what they will do over the last few episodes together?

‘The 100’ airs on The CW on Wednesday nights at 8/7c. 

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