The actress behind "Peloton spouse" has finally spoken


Monica Ruiz is the actress behind the infamous Peloton holiday commercial, and she has finally emerged to let us know what she thinks about her explosive fame.

The commercial blew up on social media when critics accused it of being sexist and promoting outdated marital dynamics. Some pointed to the couple’s enormous home as yet another sign that the company appeals mostly to privileged customers.

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The actress behind "Peloton Wife" has finally spoken

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Ruiz doesn’t have anything bad to say about Peloton. In fact, she’s thankful for the opportunity to be in the ad.

“I was happy to accept a job opportunity earlier this year from Peloton and the team was lovely to work with,” Ruiz said in a statement first given to Deadline. “Although I’m an actress, I am not quite comfortable being in spotlight and I’m terrible on social media. So to say I was shocked and overwhelmed by the attention this week (especially the negative) is an understatement.”

The actress behind "Peloton Wife" has finally spoken

Days after she became the internet’s latest fixation, she appeared again as Peloton wife in an ad for Ryan Reynolds’ spirits brand, Aviation Gin, which seemed to poke fun at its commercial predecessor. This time, though, she traded out the husband and stationary bike for a stiff drink and sympathetic friends.

Luckily for her, the cold bite of internet infamy was quickly followed by the warm embrace of Ryan Reynolds and a boozy ad. “When Ryan and his production team called about Aviation Gin, they helped me find some humor in the situation,” she said.

The actress has refrained from commenting on people’s criticisms of the Peloton ad, instead highlighting what these jobs have done for her career. “I am grateful to both Peloton and now Aviation Gin for the work and giving me the opportunity to do what I love to do.”

Before being launched into the social media spotlight, Ruiz appeared in episodes of the shows “Baby Daddy,” “About a Boy” and “The Game.”

She gave no updates about what’s next for her. Given her tendency to shy away from internet fame, though, she may just get on her Peloton bike and pretend to ride off into the sunset.