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The college of Greenwich doubled up for the courtyard at Buckingham Palace with Josh O’Connor and Charles Dance noticed filming there in December 2018.

About season
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The Crown season 3 vicinity: the place is The Crown filmed? When's it …

About vicinity:

Filming came about in Winchester back in December 2018 in what gave the impression to scenes for the Duke of Windsor (Sir Derek Jacobi) or Sir Winston Churchill’s (John Lithgow) funeral.

in keeping with seek advice from England, different previous filming locations have integrated Eltham Palace, Hatfield home, Ely Catherdral which stood in for Westminster Abbey, the Lyceum Theatre and Knebworth home, amongst others.

The Crown season three vicinity: where is The Crown filmed? When's it …

Wilton house in Wiltshire stands in for Buckingham Palace as does the previous Royal Naval faculty in Greenwich which serves as exteriors for the Queen’s domicile.

The Crown season 3 might be launched on Netflix these days