The error that toppled the Berlin Wall


the fall of the Berlin Wall has quite a few memorable moments: US President Ronald Reagan’s declaration to “tear down this wall”; David Hasselhoff singing at the Brandenburg Gate; and Berliners wielding pickaxes and hammers, tearing aside the seen image of a divided Europe.

Revelers on the Berlin Wall, November 1989.
Owen Franken/Corbis/Getty images

however a much less outstanding second in reality triggered the crumbling of the wall. It took place at a pursuits press conference on November 9, 1989, when East German spokesperson Günter Schabowski was once exceeded an announcement about comfortable travel rules.

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the mistake that toppled the Berlin Wall

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In his lack of guidance, he mistakenly insinuated that the checkpoints within the Berlin Wall — which up unless then have been guarded by way of infantrymen with orders to shoot someone seeking to cross — had been now open. They weren’t, however that announcement was all East Berliners needed to storm the wall and demand they be allowed to go into West Berlin. After that, the wall changed into obsolete, and shortly fell.

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the mistake that toppled the Berlin Wall