The one hundred's latest closing-Season Casualty on Their character's …


whereas we expected that The a hundred‘s closing season would deliver its share of primary deaths, we in truth didn’t see this week’s tragic twist coming. And we never may have estimated that this explicit personality’s loss of life would affect us so deeply.

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The 100's newest final-Season Casualty on Their persona's …

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We’re talking, after all, about Charmaine Diyoza — the ruthless terrorist-changed into-mama suffer played by the use of Ivana Milicevic. within the remaining moments of Wednesday’s episode, Diyoza sacrificed herself to save lots of her daughter’s lifestyles, by some means falling sufferer to the identical mysterious crystallization process that wiped out the distinctive Bardoans.

on the other hand whereas Diyoza’s loss of life will have caught you abruptly, Milicevic factors out that her character has been dwelling on borrowed time for quite a few seasons now.

The one hundred's latest final-Season Casualty on Their personality's …

“Diyoza used to be going to die in Season 5, that used to be the plan,” Milicevic says. “She used to be simply coming in to be a McCreary kind — a if truth be told dangerous prisoner, a full-blown terrorist — and he or she was once absolutely going to die on the end of Season 5.” but when Milicevic used to be pregnant in real lifestyles, showrunner Jason Rothenberg decided to have her persona apply go neatly with, a twist that kept Diyoza alive into the final season. As Milicevic puts it, “My son coming into this world gave me three years of superior work on an incredible convey.”

beneath, Milicevic discusses Diyoza’s sacrifice, her time on The a hundred, and the way she hopes fans will remember that her ever-evolving persona…

TVLINE in case you told me once more in Season 5 that i’d be this broken up over Diyoza’s dying, I’d be stunned. This persona in point of fact has developed into any person I’m going to miss.
That’s very sweet. i need it had further to do with me, however i used to be to begin with alleged to be 100-% unhealthy. when I got pregnant in real life [and it was written in], that delivered all these additional layers to the story. I wasn’t going to be a kind of actresses the place you try to hide [the pregnancy]. What was once when I going to do, grasp a basketball or a laundry basket in entrance of my abdomen? So when the story took that flip, it naturally layered up somewhat of How used to be your experience working with Shelby Flannery, establishing that mother-daughter dynamic?
i was putting out with Shelby once I first offered to Vancouver, despite the fact that i used to be working with the youthful Hopes. i needed to kind a relationship with Shelby, on account of that’s the location the principle meat of the season used to be going to occur for me. Diyoza living with [Octavia] when Hope used to be little and making this domestic bond was once a fantastic set-up. To be ripped remote from her and brought to Bardo was once as soon as like a loss of life, and when Hope received here once more as a full-grown girl, the soreness of all these years having been misplaced in reality affected Diyoza. the last thing she wished was once for her daughter to turn into a warrior or a soldier. via having Hope, she revealed that struggle and vengeance frequently are usually not the ways. So for Hope to come back into her lifestyles with these skills, and to be desirous about getting revenge, Diyoza simply felt like this type of Do you feel like Diyoza made up for that with this sacrifice?
yes. She had one 2nd, one chance. everybody was once going to die, so in that one second, it was once her Hail Mary last-ditch effort to avoid losing Hope. I’m happy each person else acquired saved in the process — that was undoubtedly glorious — but this used to be once all about saving Hope.

TVLINE as quickly as conception Diyoza didn’t have a maternal bone in her physique, however she proved us all flawed.
That’s something that comes from being a real mother. even if I think about myself to be a maternal explicit individual, she unquestionably was now not. Having a child changes even the gnarliest working girl — or working terrorist — right right into a softie. I in truth virtually indisputably would have performed it even softer, alternatively conversing of Jason, how did you learn about Diyoza’s destiny?
Jason at all times calls you to allow you to understand that you simply’re going to die. So he referred to as me and defined what used to be going to occur, and that i said, “in fact! this is beautiful. that is just right. thanks. I’m prepared to maneuver.” i think it’s an amazingly attractive — actually and story-good — demise for Diyoza. It was once as soon as in truth becoming, and that i was truly honored to have any such very good and how do you hope fanatics will understand that Diyoza?
She used to be as soon as a foul-ass pregnant lady who came over to the reality and found out what was once most very important, which is love.

We’ll have more on this week’s episode the following day — including a full QA with Sheidheda himself — however for now, drop a remark along with your ideas on Diyoza’s sacrifice below.

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