The right way to play Fall Guys beta? Ultimate Knockout joins PS Plus very …


Fall Guys has been the talk of the block lately and it’s a massive multiplayer game which sees square off in a free-for-all struggle. And, as if that isn’t tantalising enough, you play as these very cute jelly beans that wear adorable outfits. Some people are asking how and if they can still play the beta, meanwhile there’s very good news in that it’s joining PS Plus very soon.

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How to play Fall Guys beta? Ultimate Knockout joins PS Plus very …

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Aside from its recent PS Plus announcement, another reason Fall Guys is the latest craze is because of its beta which saw it become the . This is understandable seeing as the game is a chaotically charming experience which promises to be massive heaps of fun for even those who don’t enjoy multiplayer games.

If you like the look of the game and can’t wait to play all of its crazy modes, here you’ll discover when it’ll release on Steam and become one of the PS Plus freebies for August.

How to play Fall Guys beta? Ultimate Knockout joins PS Plus very …

How to play Fall Guys beta

The Fall Guys beta is no longer available to play.

You cannot play the Fall Guys beta anymore as it was only a beta weekend intended for between July 25th and the 27th.

Still, although you can no longer participate in its sample, you can pre-purchase it on Steam for just £15.99. Either that or £23.99 for a Collector’s Edition.

As for what you can expect from the full release, the game is insanely cute and comes with an assortment of ridiculous challenges and obstacles while battling 60 other players.

There are also competitive and co-operative free-for-alls, and there will be plenty of customisation options.

The game’s official Twitter account has confirmed that there are 25 levels at launch, and that fresh levels, costumes, game modes, and features will be added with a roadmap dictated by player feedback.

The release date for Fall Guys on Steam is August 4th.

When can you download Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout from PS Plus?

PS Plus subscribers will be able to download Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout for free on August 4th.

In addition to Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, PS Plus subscribers will also be able to download Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered.

While Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign is no doubt excellent, Devolver Digital’s multiplayer game will be the month’s biggest hit.

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