Tigers' legal advice interviewed Chol about groping incidents

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By Peter Ryan and Steve Barrett

August 8, 2020 — 5.40pm

Richmond instigated a formal procedure with Mabior Chol, directed by the club’s legal counsel and head of integrity, Hannah Hopper, to ensure he could genuinely express any concerns he had about his post-match treatment from teammates after the Tigers were made aware of footage that showed him being groped.

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Tigers' legal counsel interviewed Chol about groping incidents

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The Tigers spoke to Chol about the incidents to ensure the 23-year-old had a clear and informed view of his options in relation to the incidents, which Tigers CEO Brendon Gale on Saturday described as “a bad look”.


Tigers' legal counsel interviewed Chol about groping incidents

Richmond’s Mabior Chol, right, in action against Port Adelaide on Saturday. Credit:Getty Images

“It is unusual but as is often the case when the mirror of community expectation is held up, sometimes behaviour of this nature, or this conduct, is found wanting and I think that this is the situation we find ourselves in,” Gale said.

Gale said Chol’s wellbeing was a priority and they would continue to speak to him to ensure he was supported.

The Players’ Association was also satisfied Chol did not want to make a complaint about the matter.

St Kilda have also apologised for the actions of former Tiger premiership player Dan Butler after images showed him grabbing at teammate Jade Gresham’s backside during the team song after the club’s narrow win over Gold Coast. The Saints said there was no context where it was acceptable behaviour from Butler and they would ensure it was not repeated. Butler apologised for his action.

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