Titans vs Cowboys – Justin Holbrook praises superstar fullback AJ Brimson …


‘the best player in our group’.

it can be not one thing you can hear continuously from an NRL show, but when talking about AJ Brimson it’s easy to peer why Justin Holbrook feels that approach.

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Titans vs Cowboys: Justin Holbrook praises famous person fullback AJ Brimson …

About Cowboys:

The 21-year outdated again from a back damage that regarded set to end his season final weekend in the loss against the Roosters, but his impression on Sunday afternoon within the Titans win over the Cowboys was once enormous.

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Titans vs Cowboys: Justin Holbrook praises superstar fullback AJ Brimson …

Brimson ran for a sport-excessive 207 metres, scored two tries and set up another because the Gold Coast recorded a convincing 30-10 victory at Cbus super Stadium.

Holbrook used to be full of reward for the fullback after the conflict, and explained just how difficult it used to be to keep him out of the facet.

“I’ve stated due to the fact that I got right here and did pre-season in November that I rated him as the very best player in our crew,” he mentioned.

“I just love watching what he can do at coaching. He most effective simply bought going last week, but he’s just obtained that high-end pace that puts him in his personal classification. It’s nice to peer him in full flight available in the market lately. He adds numerous strike to our aspect that’s needless to say.

“i feel we’ve finished the appropriate factor. It’s no longer that we held him back, we simply made sure he was once 100% over it. He’s best a younger kid, so we simply wished to ensure he used to be totally right.

“He had a few full weeks at coaching…it used to be hard when he was in the opposition team and doing some good things there. It used to be laborious to carry him again.

“We’ve executed the correct thing there – he’s a super participant.”

Brimson wasn’t the one Titans participant that impressed on Sunday, with skipper Kevin Proctor influential within the win while entrance-rower Moekai Fotuiaka was at his barnstorming absolute best once again.

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Holbrook did not go into element on Proctor’s contract scenario for 2021 and past, however wrapped his efficiency towards the struggling Cowboys. 

“He’s been great because he got here again into our side,” he stated.

“As we noticed these days, he competes on the whole thing. KP is superb and he has been great for our club for a very long time.

“We’ll see what happens with that (contract situation). the way in which he is taking part in is what I’m loving – i know how a lot he is competing for everything.”

Holbrook was additionally pleased with the very fact his facet is now the most effective of all of the QLD aspects in the NRL, with the Cowboys and Broncos sitting at the back of them.

“It was once clearly great, especially with the win we came away with. i believe we’ve been playing really neatly the ultimate couple of weeks and just fallen quick. as of late to back it up once more…I’m actually satisfied for the avid gamers,” he mentioned.

‘We’ve tried in point of fact hard the ultimate couple of weeks but haven’t acquired the win, with the intention to play as well as we did in in particular the first half of was great.

“It was important. We hadn’t crushed them the remaining 12 instances the Cowboys. We wanted to do this nowadays and the avid gamers did a super job. As QLD teams we’re not performing just right, but it is good to be top of the QLD aspects that’s for sure.

‘We do want to get extra wins – we’re getting better and we need to do extra of that.”

Gold Coast will tackle Cronulla next weekend. 

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