Tom And Tyler Betrayed with the aid of their very own Alliance, Narrowly pass over The …


With eight out of ten wins under their belts, it seemed Tom Wilkinson and Tyler Roos were the unstoppable team, about to steamroll their way to the top prize.

What they didn’t expect was their own alliance to be the one obstacle standing in their way of the $250,000.

In the second-last leg of the race teams landed in Thailand, but during their travels were asked to vote in secret for one team to U-Turn. Right before they took off, Jasmin and Jerome confided in Tom and Tyler, letting them know the alliance was still strong.

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Tom And Tyler Betrayed By Their Own Alliance, Narrowly Miss The …

About Alliance,

Unfortunately what was actually waiting for the boys was a blindside.

The Amazing Race Australia: Tom And Tyler Eliminated Before Finale
The moment an alliance became a blindside. Photo: Network 10.

The Amazing Race

Tom And Tyler Betrayed By Their Own Alliance, Narrowly Miss The …


‘Angry, Devastated, Sad’: Did The ‘Amazing Race’ Alliance Just Make A Big Mistake?

When Beau said we could expect a bit of drama after tonight’s twist, he wasn’t kidding.

“It doesn’t take a genius to work out what happened,” Tom said to 10 daily following his and Tyler’s elimination, “the other three teams started to play more strategically,” he said, adding, “I guess friendship isn’t worth $250,000.”

Throughout the competition, Tom and Tyler were part of a strong alliance with Jasmin and Jerome, Viv and Joey and the recently eliminated Nick and Femi.

Tom and Tyler undoubtedly did their fair share of helping other teams, once they had completed certain challenges if they saw other members of the alliance struggling they’d give them an assist where they could.

As they continued to rack up wins, the other teams seemed more and more hesitant to do the same.

“We obviously were dominant for the first 10 legs of the race,” Tyler said, “with these alliances that we supposedly had, we would have been unstoppable but the other competitors caught on that we were so dominant.

The Amazing Race


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They were first across the line at the very first pit stop of the season, but Tom and Tyler were very close to not even competing in ‘The Amazing Race Australia’.

“Our gameplan going in from day one was to always be nice guys, help everyone out where we could and hopefully it would come back to save us but… it didn’t end up that way,” he said.

Having the winning streak that they did, the other teams had to decide to either stick with their alliance and risk going up against the unbeatable duo in the final leg, or betray Tom and Tyler in the hopes that it would get them closer to the prize money.

“To be fair, Tyler and I weren’t too surprised.”

And while the U-Turn meant that Tom and Tyler had to complete both detours, they still managed to catch up to the other teams, in a nail-biter of a finish, arriving at the pit stop just seconds after Jasmin and Jerome — and only minutes after Viv and Joey who were still standing on the sidelines having only just checked-in themselves.

Having the two teams that had backflipped on him and Tyler, Tom said it made it “a lot harder” having the four that voted to U-Turn them standing there watching them be eliminated.

“You’re travelling with these people for three-four weeks, and especially Jasmin, Jerome, Viv and Joey we were particularly close,” he said, “to see that relationship crumble in the space of an hour — to all be standing at the pit stop together, it was such a contrast,” Tom added.

The Amazing Race Australia: Tom And Tyler Eliminated Before Finale
Devastated, the boys missed out by just seconds. Photo: Network 10.

The hardest part of the U-Turn wasn’t that it happened, but how the other teams decided to go about it, Tom said.

“It was hard to see them lie about it,” he admitted, “we would have preferred it if they had just come up and said it to our face. We were going to have to do the U-Turn regardless of if they lied to us or not.”

Despite the alliance blowing up in their faces, Tom said if he had the chance over he probably wouldn’t change much to the way he and Tyler competed in the race.

“We’d play a similar game, we’d still form alliances but maybe we’d be a little more cautious with who we helped and how much we helped them,” he said. Thinking back to the few times he and Tyler helped strong competitors like Rod and Tim which ‘came back to bite us in the ass’, Tom said, “I think we may have been a bit too nice.”

Following their time on ‘The Amazing Race Australia’, Tom and Tyler’s names have been thrown into the ring for a few other reality shows. When the idea of ‘Gogglebox’ came up, Tom said he and Tyler had talked about becoming the nation’s next couch critics.

As for the rumours of Tyler’s hopes of becoming the next ‘Bachelor’, Tom chucked, “You might have to ask Tyler about that one.”

” grand finale airs 7.30 Tuesday, December 3 on Network 10 and WIN Network.

Feature image: Network 10.