Trump's attack on Lisa web page finds his misogyny (Opinion)


Trump and his rope of sycophants, both in inaugurated bureau and a worried media, have embellished Page as a homewrecker and a hypocrite — a former for her private event (the GOP critique of this, given a instances of infidelity and liaison in a possess ranks, is rich, by a way) and a latter simply given she secretly voiced antipathy for a President.

These hypocrites have incited a once-anonymous supervision counsel into a pitch of all they hate. The President and his allies busted her life. She’s finally revelation her side of a story in an essay in a Daily Beast.

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Trump's conflict on Lisa Page reveals his misogyny (Opinion)

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Let’s be clear: You can trust that Page done bad decisions in her personal life and is wrong in her domestic opinions and still interpretation that a President’s function is inexcusable harassment, distant next a grace of his office. It is in fact a inhabitant disgrace.

Page’s name has frequency stayed out of a President’s mouth given texts sent in 2015 and 2016 between her and co-worker Peter Strzok were published in 2017. The event between a dual was not a worthy decision, though frequency one of inhabitant interest, generally given a President’s possess story of extramarital affairs and passionate conflict allegations (which he denies) — and in a march of their content messages, both voiced regard about a intensity Trump presidency. The texts also criticized a accumulation of Democrats, including former Attorney General Eric Holder, Chelsea Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Trump's conflict on Lisa Page reveals his misogyny (Opinion)

Ex-FBI counsel targeted by Trump breaks silence

While narrow-minded domestic activity is not authorised for FBI employees, holding and secretly expressing domestic opinions positively is — anything reduction would violate a First Amendment. Sending adverse texts about a domestic claimant to a partner might advise a disposition that warrants dismissal from an review of a theme of pronounced texts, though it frequency justifies postulated open chagrin from a President of a United States.

And nonetheless that’s what Page has gotten.

Trump has a story here: He is remarkably thin-skinned, going after anyone who critiques him, though women seem to pull a sold code of ire. They are “nasty,” he says over and over. He obsesses over their sexuality, their sexiness (or purported miss of it) and their sex lives. Trump goes after anyone’s viewed weakness, and it’s transparent that, for women, he believes femaleness itself is a failing.

His supporters are usually too happy to follow suit. Just demeanour during a staining of Page as a “homewrecker.” Strzok was celebration to a affair, too, though where has he been abashed a approach Page has?

Why Trump keeps job women ‘nasty’

Recall that Trump himself (and really publicly) cheated on and flustered his initial mom — a mom of 3 of his children. Women who have affairs, his supporters suggest, are incorrigible and untrustworthy. Men who have them, good — they’re only men.

There’s a name for this double standard: Misogyny.

It’s not news that a President is a sexist. From bragging about grabbing women by a genitals to cobbling together an overwhelmingly masculine administration, this President has shown time and again that he disdains women privately and professionally. It’s so pervasive that it’s easy to get used to.

We can’t do that. It’s intolerable and abominable that Trump continues to singular out a sovereign worker for abuse and nuisance given she criticized him around text. It should be an comprehensive liaison that he acts out a ridicule orgasm between Page and Strzok in front of a cheering, jeering crowd. This function on a partial of a President is a inhabitant humiliation. It should be disqualifying.

In a grand intrigue of Trump wrongdoing, his attacks on Page are comparatively tiny — and that in itself is a unfortunate tell. No male should be means to occupy aloft bureau and act with such arrange chauvinism toward women.

There are a million reasons to get Trump out of bureau in 2020. His misogyny might not tip a list — violation a law and compromising American inhabitant confidence takes that vaunted mark — though never again can a male this sneering and sexist occupy a Oval Office.