United states singer Cady Groves' result in of demise revealed


The cause of death for country singer Cady Groves, who died in May at age 30, has been revealed.

The singer, known for hits like “This Little Girl” and “Oil and Water,” died of complications of chronic ethanol abuse, an autopsy report from the Davidson County Medical Examiner’s Office in Tennessee obtained by Fox News confirmed.

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Country singer Cady Groves' cause of death revealed

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Groves’ manner of death was ruled “natural,” the report states.


Country singer Cady Groves' cause of death revealed

According to the medical examiner, Groves was discovered “unresponsive in bed by her roommate” in Brentwood, Tenn. on May 2. Nashville Fire personnel responded to the scene. At the time, officers reported “no obvious signs of trauma, foul play, suicide or overdose.”

Her brother Cody Groves took to Twitter to confirm her passing with a sweet photo of the two of them acting silly together. In addition to confirming the news, he revealed she died of natural causes and referenced their two brothers, Casey and Kelly, who died in 2007 and 2014, respectively.

“@cadygroves has left this world. Details are limited right now but family is trying to get them and will keep people updated. Rest In Peace little sis. Hope you’re reunited with @kellydgroves and Casey,” Cody wrote Sunday.


In the days following her death, Ryan Williams, a close friend of the singer-songwriter, opened up to Fox News about her tragic past.

Williams, of Seattle, Wash., said he met Groves in 2011 just one week after she moved to Los Angeles, Calif. and was signed to a major record label. He told us Groves had a contagious personality and the ability to light up any room.

“I was always concerned for Cady. She was like another young sister to me,” Williams said. “It goes hand in hand with her creativity. Whatever she was feeling, whether it was happy or the opposite, it just fully engulfed her emotionally, which made for wonderful art but it did take a toll on her.”

Williams recalled Groves reeling from a “tragic family past.” Two of her brothers passed away, one of whom Groves was close to in age. The singer-songwriter found healing in her music but it didn’t eliminate the traumas she encountered.


“Her dad wasn’t really around anymore and music was really tough on her as well,” Williams said. “She had so many tragic things happen to her in her life. There was always someone’s birthday that wasn’t around anymore, like her brothers. There was always kind of like a dark shadow around her.”

The pal said Groves found healing through her music.

“She had a vision. She was constantly going back and forth with the label and her management because she wanted to get things right. She really cared,” he shared.


Five or six years ago Groves was dropped from her record label after having recorded and produced 30 to 40 songs that have still never been released, the friend revealed.

Despite somber events in her life, Williams said she’ll “be remembered for always making jokes.”

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