Watch Dua Lipa hilariously interview aged people who have no …


Dua Lipa is finding out just how well-liked she is with the elderly crowd. Spoiler alert: sadly, now not very!

while filling in for Jimmy Kimmel as a visitor host for “Jimmy Kimmel are living!” Monday, the “do not start Now” singer, 24, did digital interviews with older individuals to see how so much they knew about her.

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Watch Dua Lipa hilariously interview elderly individuals who haven’t any …

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“a lot of my enthusiasts are younger, but i am always trying to attain a much wider target audience, so I made up our minds to succeed in out to a few seniors,” she explained in her monologue. “These are real people I interviewed over the internet. I advised them I used to be conducting a survey about music, however did not inform him who I was once.”

in the segment pictures, titled “Who-a Lipa,” Lipa starts off with a basic question about pop track earlier than honing in on herself. 

Watch Dua Lipa hilariously interview aged individuals who haven’t any …

“have you learnt who Dua Lipa is?” she asks.

one of the crucial replies incorporated, “Who?” “Is that an individual?” and “Dua Mita?”

another particular person misheard her utterly, pronouncing “The Doobie Brothers?” a popular rock band from the Nineteen Seventies.

Lipa then played them a clip of her track “wreck My coronary heart.” After some smiles and head bopping, the singer heard their opinions.

The opinions ranged from positive – “find it irresistible, like it, like it!” one woman exclaimed – to not-so-nice: “I don’t know, she would possibly do neatly on TikTok,” another said.

Lipa tried cluing the seniors in on her true identification through exhibiting them a photo of the track’s artist (herself).

“that is bad,” one woman mentioned, relating to Lipa’s crop prime in the photograph. “If I had a daughter, i would not need her to head out in that.”

“It looks like she’s attempting too laborious,” another commented.

Lipa was once a just right sport all over the phase, laughing along with the comments during to the end, the place she ultimately printed her identification.

“Oh – oh my, are you in reality?” one person stated. “i will run out at this time and purchase a CD.”

“Oh swell,” the lady who criticized the singer’s outfit stated, laughing. “I truly bought myself in it this time, did not I?”

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