Watch KSI vs Logan Paul weigh-in reside circulation as YouTube stars …



KSI and Logan Paul must weigh no more than 200lb ahead of their rematch in Los Angeles tomorrow night

About weigh-in
A weight class is a measurement weight range for boxers. The lower limit of a weight class is equal to the upper weight limit of the class below it. The top class, with no upper limit, is called heavyweight in professional boxing and super heavyweight in amateur boxing. A boxing match is usually scheduled for a fixed weight class, and each boxer’s weight must not exceed the upper limit. Although professional boxers may fight above their weight class, an amateur boxer’s weight must not fall below the lower limit. A nonstandard weight limit is called a catchweight.

Watch KSI vs Logan Paul weigh-in live stream as YouTube stars …

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Watch KSI vs Logan Paul weigh-in live stream as YouTube stars …

KSI and Logan Paul have one more formality to complete before they touch gloves tomorrow night.

The YouTube stars will weigh in this evening and must not scale more than 200lb – the cruiserweight limit.

The rivals have traded insults all week and will come face to face for the final time before they meet in the ring.

The undercard fighters will also weigh in in Los Angeles with world champions Devin Haney and Billy Joe Saunders defending their lightweight and super-middleweight belts respectively.

Both champions have insisted they have no issue with boxing before two social media influencers at the Staples Center tomorrow night and are determined to win over a new fan base.

The fighters are due to start weighing in at 9pm UK time and you can watch the action unfold below…

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