We want to discuss Jennifer Aniston's insane 51st birthday …


Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 51st birthday yesterday – and what better way to prove she’s an absolute queen than by sharing the most insane pictures?

The Friends actress took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a few snaps from her recent Interview Magazine shoot.

About Jennifer
Jennifer or Jenifer may refer to:

Jennifer (given name)
Project Jennifer, a CIA attempt to recover a Soviet submarine in 1974
the surname Jenifer, as Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, Daniel Jenifer

We need to talk about Jennifer Aniston's insane 51st birthday …

About Aniston's

Aniston posed in a cut-out black dress bearing her midriff, sweeping her hair back with her hands. Swipe left to see a gorgeous black and white close-up and another full-length pose in a leather jacket and knee-high boots.

Since posting the pictures 12 hours ago, the post has already racked up almost 7 million likes and plenty of comments from her famous friends. 

We need to talk about Jennifer Aniston's insane 51st birthday …

Here are the best reactions to Jen’s shoot so far…

1) BFF Courteney Cox was straight in there with the flame Emojis


2) 51? Are you serious??

3) Might as well give up now, tbh

4) Jen is immortal 

5) Jen is a whole category of her own

6) We see no lie…

7) Un. Real.

8) Jennifer Aniston is a queen. Discuss.

9) Hailey Bieber and Drew Barrymore also shared their support

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Courteney Cox also shared a sweet snap of her and Jen dressed exactly the same with her 7.9 million followers. 

Likewise, Matthew Perry (who is new to Instagram) shared an old photo of them on “Jenny’s” birthday.