What’s Amazon contemporary and where can you get deliveries?


(Pocket-lint) – Amazon has recently announced that it will be extending the reach of its Amazon Fresh grocery service to the whole of the UK before the end of 2020. What’s more, it will be free for all Prime members.

This matches the offering in the US, which was made free for Prime subscribers at the end of 2019.

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What is Amazon Fresh and where can you get deliveries?

About deliveries?

But what is Amazon Fresh and where does it deliver? We answer all your questions below.

Amazon Fresh is the online retailers grocery shopping service that hosts thousands of food, drinks and household products to be delivered in a two-hour window – even when ordered on the same day.

What is Amazon Fresh and where can you get deliveries?

In the UK, it runs in cooperation with the Morrissons supermarket chain, Whole Foods Market and Booths. There are some other products from independent food and drink suppliers available too.

Suppliers in the US vary depending on the city. One neat feature you get in the States is that you can create an Alexa shopping list and add to it by voice throughout the day, then just order hands-free.

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Delivery slots can be selected from between 7am and 11pm in the UK, with same-day orders available as long as they are booked by 9pm.

The service is slightly different in the US as time slots and same-day delivery can vary depending on the region.

In the UK, Amazon Fresh deliveries are currently available across Greater London and several surrounding counties, including regions in Surrey, Hampshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

You can check the eligible UK postcodes here. However, by the end of 2020 Amazon hopes to extend Amazon Fresh deliveries to the whole of the UK.

Amazon Fresh is available in “select cities” in the States. You can check whether your region is eligible by and selecting your delivery zip code in the top-left.

Individual prices for products are competitive, but delivery fees are even better as they have been recently scrapped for Amazon Prime members.

So, with £79 per year (or £7.99 per month) Prime membership, you can make as many Amazon Fresh orders as you like for no extra cost – as long as they are a minimum of £40 per order.

Under £40 and you’ll have to pay the original £3.99 delivery fee.


Prime membership in the US costs £119 per year or $12.99 per month. Orders over $35 made by American Prime members will be delivered for free.

It is worth remembering that Prime membership also adds a whole load of other benefits, including free one-day deliveries on millions of Amazon items, Amazon Prime Video streaming, Prime reading eBooks and many more. You can read about the different services included with Prime here.

Using Fresh is easy. Just head to the dedicated section of Amazon, either in the or , and browse for your products. Add them to your basket as normal on Amazon then, when finished, you can checkout – as long as your delivery address is in one of the supported regions.

Writing by Rik Henderson.