Whitney Cummings shares topless photo after extortion risk


Whitney Cummings will not be backing all the way down to extortion threats.

The comic wrote on Twitter Monday that some social media customers were requesting cash to forestall them from releasing a screenshot of a topless picture she unintentionally posted on Instagram in April.

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Whitney Cummings shares topless photograph after extortion chance

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comic Whitney Cummings took keep watch over of the location when she mentioned she was faced with an extortion risk over a topless picture. Getty images

Cummings, 36, who helped co-host the fourth hour of lately on Friday with Sunday nowadays host Willie Geist, foiled that plan with the aid of posting the photo herself.

Her refusal to offer into the threats caused the hashtag #IStandWithWhitney in which others posted embarrassing footage of themselves in cohesion along with her.

Whitney Cummings shares topless photograph after extortion danger

“When a girl within the public eye is extorted, we now have to spend time, cash and vitality coping with it, hiring lawyers and security specialists, and residing with a pit in our stomach about when and how we will be able to be humiliated,” she wrote on Twitter Monday. “Y’all can have my nipple, however no longer my time or money anymore.”

Cummings wrote in an prior tweet that the extortion makes an attempt stemmed from an Instagram story she posted in April.

“In April I accidentally posted an insta story that confirmed nipple,” she wrote. “after I realized, I deleted. The individuals who took reveal grabs are trying to get cash from me, some said they’ve offers to sell them, some are requesting money to no longer post the photograph.”

In a follow-up tweet, she integrated the photo of her within the bathtub by which her left breast can be seen.

“they all should assume I’m way more well-known than i am, but they also must suppose I’m way more simply intimidated than i’m,” she wrote. “If any person is gonna generate profits or likes off my nipple, it’s gonna be me. So right here all of it is, you foolish dorks.”

She delivered that people who made the extortion try claimed to have get admission to to more of her personal photographs.

“Now i’m getting threatened with ‘we have now access to your iCloud,”’ she tweeted. “i’ll be honest, I stand by using most of my nudes. Frankly i am way more embarrassed by means of all of the inspirational quotes I’ve monitor grabbed.”

Cummings tweeted that she wasn’t posting the names of the individuals she said had been trying to extort her “because a few of them may well be dumb children.”

“i wouldn’t want the stupid concepts I had after I was a youngster to follow me round endlessly or else every time any person Googled me, they’d see me shoplifting a NO fear t-shirt,” she wrote.

Fellow comedian Chris D’Elia stood in team spirit with Cummings via posting a picture of himself in his boxer shorts.

Cummings expressed her gratitude for all of the Twitter users who shared their unflattering images together with her in give a boost to.

“thank you everybody who sent me embarrassing pictures of yourselves to make me feel better about my embarrassing photograph,” she tweeted.