Why isn't Emmerdale on tonight? ITV scrap newest episode for Euro …


Emmerdale viewers will not get their usual double episode fix of the ITV soap tonight, as both episodes have been cancelled.

The channel has scrapped the episodes to make way for live coverage of the Euro 2020 qualifier.

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Why isn't Emmerdale on tonight? ITV scrap latest episode for Euro …

About Emmerdale
Emmerdale (known as Emmerdale Farm until 1989) is a British soap opera set in Emmerdale (known as Beckindale until 1994), a fictional village in the Yorkshire Dales. Created by Kevin Laffan, Emmerdale Farm was first broadcast on 16 October 1972. Produced by ITV Yorkshire. Interior scenes have been filmed at their Leeds studio since its inception. Exterior scenes were previously filmed in Esholt, a real village, but are now shot at a purpose built set on the Harewood estate. The programme is broadcast in every ITV region.
The series originally aired during the afternoon until 1978, when it was moved to an early-evening prime time slot in most regions; London and Anglia followed during the mid-1980s. Until December 1988, Emmerdale took seasonal breaks; since then, it has been broadcast year-round.
Episodes air on ITV weekday evenings at 19:00, with a second episode on Thursdays at 20:00. The programme began broadcasting in high definition on 10 October 2011. Emmerdale is the United Kingdom’s second-longest-running television soap opera (after ITV’s Coronation Street), and attracts an average of five to seven million viewers per episode. Since 21 January 2019, ten sequential classic episodes of the series from the inception of Emmerdale from 1989 onwards have been broadcast weekly on ITV3.In October 2012, the 40th anniversary of the soap was celebrated with a live episode. In March 2019, an episode featuring an exclusively female cast and crew was aired, in support of International Women’s Day.

England will take on Montenegro in their first match for the international football championships next year.

It will air live on ITV from 7pm right after the ITV News, and continue until 10pm.

Why isn't Emmerdale on tonight? ITV scrap latest episode for Euro …

This means the schedule for shows usually on at this time has been wiped, with Emmerdale not on at all today.

Emmerdale has been scrapped tonight for ITV coverage of Euro 2020
(Image: ITV)

There was an extra episode on Tuesday, when it aired for an hour-long episode.

It’s not sure when the “missing” episode will air, but with Tuesday often airing a second episode it’s possibly already been sorted.

Viewers seemed pretty annoyed over the news, with an ITV announcer confirming the next episode would air on Friday.

Viewers will not get their Thursday fix of Emmerdale

One fan said: “ahhh football how dare it replace Emmerdale.”

Another tweeted a series of angry face emojis, as others commented on the show being replaced.

On Wednesday night, a spiralling Cain Dingle was told by ex Charity that she was stopping him from seeing his granddaughter Sarah, and even his sons Kyle and Isaac after his recent dangerous behaviour.

Cain and Aaron Dingle were in trouble with the gang
(Image: ITV)

Her young son Moses had been kidnapped by a gang who Cain had stolen a car from.

Cain has hit self-destruct ever since he found out wife Moira had an affair with farmhand Nate Robinson.

Nate turned out to be his secret son, who was targeting him as revenge for abandoning him as a baby – except Cain didn’t even know he existed.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm.