Woman killed in apparent Toronto-house machete attack, think in custody


A lady in her 30s has died after an apparent machete conflict in a Toronto area of Scarborough on Thursday, military confirm.

Earlier, Toronto military tweeted that a male was seen using around with a machete in a Morrish and Ellesmere roads area.

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Woman killed in apparent Toronto-area machete attack, think in custody

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He reportedly struck a lady who lived in a area several times in a drive of a home and afterwards fled in a china car.

The victim’s injuries were primarily described as “very serious” though in an refurbish military conspicuous she was after conspicuous passed during a scene.

Woman killed in apparent Toronto-area machete attack, think in custody

Neighbours described conference “gruesome screams” during a attack.

“What would make we so insane that we would do something like that?” one chairman said.

Insp. Stacey Davis conspicuous a plant and think are famous to any other and that they had a “previous domestic relationship.”

The suspect, also in his 30s, gathering to a circuitously military hire and incited himself in shortly after a incident. There are no other suspects being sought and no serve risk to a public.

The carnage section has been called in to investigate.

-With files from Carl Hanstke

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